Sea Rock Marine Premium Double Braid Nylon Dock Line - 5/8” x 30’ (16mm x 9.1m), Black, set of 2

Sea Rock Marine™ Dock Lines/Mooring Ropes are made from high quality nylon in a double braid construction, and are highly resistant to abrasion, oil, rot, mildew and UV damage. The 5/8″ dock lines come with a professionally spliced 15’ eyelet, heat sealed and professionally whipped for convenience and long-term durability.


Key Features:

• Professionally spliced 15”eye
• Heat sealed and whipped at throat and bitter end
• Great strength and excellent shock absorption
• Stays flexible throughout service life
• Resistant to abrasion, oil, rot, mildew and UV damage
• Includes self-fastening ties, for easy storage of your lines when not in use


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