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Crew Management

  • We offer highly skilled and experienced crew members and officers of all ranks
  • We accept indian/non indian C.D.C and C.O.C holders
  • We provide the best deserving and highly paid job to our seafarers as par to the industry.
  • We provide the best crew management services to the shipping industry
  • Solution for all kinds of crew management related issues under one roof.
  • We also provide Land Jobs using permits.


  • UK Sea Rock Marine U.K - C.O.C, G.M.D.S.S and higher education consultant
  • NEWZEALAND Sea Rock Marine NEWZEALAND - C.O.C and higher education consultant
  • BELIZE Sea Rock Marine BELIZE - C.O.C ,C.D.C and watch keeping certification
  • PANAMA Sea Rock Marine PANAMA - C.O.C ,C.D.C and watch keeping certification
  • LIBERIAN Sea Rock Marine LIBERIAN - C.O.C, C.D.C and watchkeeping certification
  • INDIAN Sea Rock Marine INDIAN - C.O.C preparatory classes for all the ranks, book g.m.d.s.s, basic s.t.c.w courses
  • Bangladesh Sea Rock Marine Bangladesh - C.D.C and watchkeeping certification
  • Myanmar Sea Rock Marine Myanmar - C.D.C and watchkeeping certification
  • Advance courses, specialization courses and value added courses

Sea Rock Marine

Sea Rock Marine