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When it comes about Crew Management, Ship Management, Recruitment of afloat and ashore staff, training and orientation, Sea Rock Marine comes first in scene as one of the most authentic, transparent and reliable resource for such specific needs. We, the the process have acquired the key understandings of the concept of crewing and shipping management worldwide. We also extend our solutions as your crewing agent to smoothen your process of shipment Sea Rock Marine have been established in this business and in operations.

We encore a strong channel of support for our clients and principals through our one stop solution. You can ask us for crew recruitment and ship management solutions for your shipping corporations along with consultancy services for related formalities. We offer you a high degree of satisfaction with the services you hire.

With an added expertise on Crew Staffing and Crew Management, we ensure that your ship is boarded with the best and appropriately trained human resource in the industry. This not only makes your shipping botheration-free, but also offers you a bit extra scope for customer satisfaction during every phase of maritime operation.

We understand the entire process of shipping is all about people. It is the potential of human resource, which makes or breaks its success. Therefore we choose the best strategic technology and competent selection process to offer you the most efficient crew onboard. We remain alert round the clock and monitor our processes with vigilant eyes, so that every minor flaws are eliminated offering you best response in time.

Our crews are vowed for their efficiency over the international maritime boundaries. We have maintained a wider exposure to international customs laws and maritime regulations. We make the process quite easier for you, even if you are the most talented shipping corporation in your area of operation.

Fathoming the limits, we always believe in teamwork and make sure you get that extra bit of response from our team of experts. With a friendly and cordial atmosphere we resolve all your botherations for ship and crew management. Meet our team to get your desired solution!

Sea Rock Marine

Sea Rock Marine